Research Articles

Resilient organizational capabilities in NTBFs. Concept and variables as dynamic and adaptive capabilities

Eduardo Bueno Campos, Cecilia Murcia Rivera, Carlos Merino Moreno

1-16 |

Analysis of the Risk Premium for Auditor Women: The Spanish Case

Jisela Marivel Aguilar Agreda, Jose Serrano, Mercedes Bernabé-Pérez

17-33 |

Labor impact of Wal-Mart on labor productivity: an analysis by municipality in Mexico

Víctor Manuel Castillo Girón, Manuel Machuca Martínez, Suhey Ayala Ramirez

34-48 |

Business risk management model for small companies in Costa Rica: An exploratory model

Juan Diego Sánchez Sánchez, Luz Chacón León, Edgar Hernandez Vasquez

49-68 |

Factors Influencing the Purchase of Organic Food in Mexico. A Mixed Analysis

Gloria Lety Lopez Salazar

69-85 |