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Small Business International Review (e-ISSN 2531-0046) is a peer-reviewed e-journal devoted to the publication of original research articles concerning the broad field of SMEs. It provides Fully Open Access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge. Authors are not asked to pay Article Processing Charges (APCs) for this journal in any case. The journal offers a permanent open call for papers. The articles can be sent using the platform of the journal or can be sent by attaching the document to the address indicating in the subject: '[SBIR] Article sent'. To submit your manuscript through the platform click here.

The editors are pleased to announce that the publishing model of the journal changed. Rather than publishing conventional complete online issues at fixed intervals, the journal moved to a continuous publication (CP) model. The central aspect of the new publishing model is that articles will be published online in their final formats (PDF and XML-JATS), with their final citation details, as soon as they have been accepted and proofread. As a result, the waiting time between submission and final publication is considerably reduced, and the article will be assigned a permanent DOI as well (more information). Small Business International Review averages 18-20 weeks from manuscript submission to publication with a rejection rate of 73.4%.

latest articles

What are the main drivers of SMEs’ production of sustainability reports?

Guerrero-Baena M., Castilla-Polo F., Rodríguez-Gutiérrez P.

What business model factors make SMEs more profitable?

Ortiz García de las Bayonas J., Parra Meroño M., Wandosell Fernández de Bobadilla G.

Whistleblowing in small and large accounting firms in Brazil

Sallaberry J., Martínez-Conesa I., Flach L.

Does employee management influence the continued use of telework after the COVID-19 pandemic?

González-González I., Martínez-Ruiz M., Clemente-Almendros J.

Determining factors in MSMEs success: An empirical study in Mexico

Molina-Sánchez R., García-Pérez-de-Lema D., López-Salazar A., Godínez-López R.

Innovation among entrepreneurial SMEs during the COVID-19 crisis in Iran

Van Auken H., Fotouhi Ardakani M., Carraher S., Khojasteh Avorgani R.

SMEs led by women and training: an exploratory study

Saavedra García M., Camarena Adame M.

The effect of family ownership and generation on financial literacy

Molina-García A., Florido-Ruiz B., Campos Valenzuela M., Diéguez-Soto J.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by small and medium enterprises (SMEs): a systematic review

Bikefe G., Zubairu U., Araga S., Maitala F., Ediuku E., Anyebe D.

The importance of entrepreneurship education and its terminology

San-Martín P., Fernandez-Laviada Ana Pérez A.

Analysis of the Risk Premium for Auditor Women: The Spanish Case

Aguilar Agreda J., Serrano J., Bernabé-Pérez M.

Labor impact of Wal-Mart on labor productivity: an analysis by municipality in Mexico

Castillo Girón V., Machuca Martínez M., Ayala Ramirez S.

Business risk management model for small companies in Costa Rica: An exploratory model

Sánchez Sánchez J., Chacón León Luz Hernandez Vasquez E.

The discount rate in the business valuation process: an empirical study in Colombia

Rojo-Ramírez A., Palomino Rubio C., García Pérez de Lema D., González Benítez J., Mayorga Sanchez J., Alba Suárez M.

Bibliometric analysis of the influence of corruption and regulation in entrepreneurship activity

Fuentes-Calle G., Díaz-Casero J., Hernández Mogollón R., Fernández-Portillo A., Rodriguez-Preciado R.

Relational Administration through e-tutoring to help new companies

Acosta Hernandez F., Briones Peñalver A., Campuzano Bolarín F.